Smiling more and more

Harper is working incredibly hard during Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy. In hospital world small steps are a BIG deal. Harper is spending more and more time with her hands open and thumbs out. HUGE deal. Harper is REACHING for toys. Her shoulders have been super tight and her comfort zone was arms tucked into her chest but she is enjoying stretching out and exploring with her hands. She loves kicking her feet against a piano-like board which sends her blood oxygen monitor all out of whack since the monitor is on her foot. Harper is SMILING more and more. When Harper smiles she smiles with her entire face. It is a beautiful thing. We are so thankful.
She has, however, needed some help along the way. She has needed two blood transfusions because her hemoglobin levels keep dropping. She has needed to be put on oxygen 3 separate times because she has a hard time maintaining an acceptable blood oxygen saturation level. Her team of doctors believe this means she is growing out of her PDA Stent that was placed back in March. She needs the Glenn Surgery.
It’s an amazing thing to experience a spiritual journey. Along the way your emotions oscillate between fear and peace. The rollercoaster we have been on has ripped us apart and sewn us back together over and over and over again. But the ripping and the sewing has created new strength in us. AM I SCARED TO EVER LIVING BITS OVER HARPER’S SURGERY?!? YESSSSSSS. Of course. But “The Lord Himself will fight for you. Just stay calm.” Exodus 14:14