Our little warrior

Every time I sit down to write the only thing I could think of was, “Brain. Fried. Harper. Good.” By the way, please read that using a caveman voice because that is the most accurate way to describe my ‘tired speak.’ I’m still tired. And my brain is forever fried. Extra crispy. We have been in the hospital for 203 days. Harper. GOOD. She has been making slow, steady progress. We moved out of the ICU and down the hall into the Intermediate Care Unit! On Friday, the 27th we met with GI and we started feeds! Whaattttttt. Harper hasn’t had any food in her belly since July 19th. We are going so slow though (which is good). She started at 1ml an hour and we are up to 6 ml an hour today. Slow and steady. We don’t ask anymore about “the when’s”. We don’t know when we will be out of the IMU and on the regular floor. We don’t know when we will go home. We do know it will be a while. We have a long way to go. For now we continue to pray for her continued progress and thank God for every single day. We pray for more normal baby things. Pray for no more sedation medication. Pray that we can continue to advance her feeds to reach goal without complication. Pray that she can come off oxygen support. Above all please thank Him. Give thanks that our little warrior has made small steps in a big way.