Dr. Mendeloff

We first met Dr. Mendeloff in January and knew he was special. We are constantly impressed by him. Yesterday, was no different. He has the utmost confidence in his ability and experience, and yet, he is so empathetic and sensitive towards us. He knows we are scared. He truly cares for Harper and we are so thankful that he is her surgeon.
Harper’s surgery will take about 5-6 hours from start to finish. She will be placed on a heart/lung by-pass machine that will allow Dr. Mendeloff to safely complete all three parts of the surgery.
Ok. So. Quick refresh…remember Harper’s Right Ventricle is severely underdeveloped and the Right Ventricle is responsible for pushing deoxygenated blood to the lungs where the blood would then pickup oxygen and come back to the left side of the heart to then get pushed out to the body supplying the body with oxygenated blood.
Somewhere in the future all of this fear will have to answer to God and I will be there with my arms crossed with an “I told you so” look on my face. I know that. Deep down I know it. There are dark places we could go. We could let the risks and complications consume us and I’ll be honest sometimes they creep in. It’s a daily struggle to shut out fear because God’s will is not for us to understand and sometimes His way is not our way. But fear is a liar. And that is why we ask Him over and over and over for what we want. For His miracles. We relentlessly pray. I’m asking this of you now. Be relentless. Pray for Harper’s surgery to be a success. For her recovery to impress her team. Pray that her body normalizes the new pressures in her heart and lungs without complication. Pray that, when the time is right, we restart feeds without infection and inflammation. Pray that this surgery changes everything for Harper and we get to bring her home.