MRI day

Next, her brain.  I am going to have to bring the mood down just a little bit here, but, this is our reality. The MRI of Harper’s brain is not normal, however, we are hopeful.  The neurologist explained a few of the abnormalities to me today.  All of which sound absolutely petrifying on paper but as she was going …

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Positivity is a must!

Positivity is a must. And even in moments of uncertainty I must remember to celebrate little victories. Little victories can mean everything in a time like this. Harper celebrated her 2 weeks of being with us on Monday.

Today is the day

This morning Harper was prepped and wheeled down the hall to undergo the catheterization of her heart and to place her stent.  It took 5 people to get her down the hall with all of her bells and whistles, but she made it.  Ben and I both checked the time that she left the room, …

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We saw Dr. Penn Laird at the Pediatric Heart Specialist in Dallas.  We love Dr. Laird and his team.  We had another ultrasound and fetal echocardiogram to take an even closer, more detailed look at her heart.  It was confirmed that our little girl has a condition called Hypoplastic Right Ventricle/Pulmonary Atresia.  Her Right Ventricle …

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Today was a hard day.  I went to see our Ultrasound Specialist, Dr. Beauchamp.  It was then we found out that our sweet baby Harper has a significant heart defect.  Her right Ventricle is very underdeveloped and blood is not flowing through it as it should.  An appointment was set up for us to see …

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